The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1) - Rebecca  Hamilton
I really enjoyed reading this book. I've never really read anything that pertained to Wiccans, and this was a perfect book to start with. It explained the purpose of the rituals and all that goes into them. That's great for a reader like me, that wouldn't have known otherwise. Sophia is a character that believes she can take care of herself. She finds it hard to trust others and ask for help. Most of this has to do with her relationship with her mother. My only complaint is that we didn't see more of her father. I would have liked to see her interact with him. But, wow, her mother is something else. Charles is such an interesting character. Half the time I didn't know if I wanted to slap him or kiss him. I did secretly love his arrogance. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Just sayin. I also love the fact that he is so protective of Sophie regardless of whether he thinks he should be. He takes an interest in keeping her safe. There were a ton of twists that I never saw coming. People I thought they weren't who they turned out to be. It also explains why Sophie has such a hard time trusting others. Forever Girl is a book for those between YA and adult urban fantasy. It's not raunchy or anything like that. There's just a few cuss words, and creative writing when it came to overwhelming feelings. ;)This is such a unique look into the world of vampires, shifters, and witches. It's not what I expected, and I'm extremely happy about that. The book was creative and the perfect length. I can't wait for the next installment.