Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale - Tamra Torero
This book was cute. It's something I feel would make a good Disney Channel movie. I would recommend this for ages 11/12 & up. The story was kind of slow, and drug out. I still enjoyed this book, but felt like it took too long to reach the crisis/peak of action. I like that you don't have a clear definition of who the bad guy is until later on. I liked the characters. Daniel and Jace were my favorites. Daniel is nice and has a dry sense of humor which I love. Jace is just incredibly sweet. Josi, she's out there. She believes in the unbelievable, and doesn't have a spazz attack about being friends with a half-fairy. Every time Bree Zimmer came into the story I wanted to smack. She's the typical mean girl who thinks she's everything. This is perfect for those tweens out there. It's not about impossible love or anything like that. It's about becoming yourself and having friends that are there for you. It's got some romance, but it's very PG; which I think parent's of young girl readers will be happy about.