The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) -
What do you do when given a choice to live or die? Especially when you would have to live as a creature you've spent your life hating. I LOVED this book. It mixed vampires with dystopian. I mean, seriously, could a book be any better. Allison is a strong female character. She is constantly fighting her inner urges in order to be a good person. He only downfall is she makes some decisions based on her selfishness. Allison remains loyal to those she cares about even they they haven't been all that great to her. This book also has other great characters. At first I didn't really care for Jeb. He is rude and doesn't seem to care about anyone but himself. Though toward the end I had a new respect for him and understood his motives a bit better. Zeke is ruggedly cute. He's trusting and willing to do what he can to help others, even if he has to go without. I loved the characters that Julie created. She made it easy to relate to each of them. The action in this book was great! At times it was fast paced, while other battles were more drawn out so you could see it all play out before you. Also, Julie's scene description is phenomenal. I haven't gotten creeped out by a YA novel in a long time, and this one had my peeking over my shoulder if I was reading at night. The think I loved best was there wasn't a love triangle. Allison isn't trying to figure out who to love and not love. I really enjoyed it. You don't have to have a love triangle to make a story good. ( I do secretly love a good love triangle though.) This is a story about finding yourself in a dark time. You begin to wonder if everything you've been told is true. Some characters are able to put their prejudices aside. You never know how people my surprise you.