Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1) -
Calla has always followed orders from her masters, the Keepers, without question. She is to marry Ren, the alpha of the Bane pack, on Halloween in order to create a new pack of wolves. Calla saves a boy named Shay from a bear during one of her patrols. By doing that, she has opened up a world of questions. She begins to wonder what the Keepers’ interest is in Shay, and if everything they have told them is the true. Calla must choose to stay on the path the Keepers have laid before her, or follow her heart and defy the only truths she has ever known. This book was very good. Calla has to learn to trust her gut feeling or follow blind. The love triangle is a bit different. It wasn’t really good boy vs bad boy as is the case in most novels in this genre. Ren is most definitely a bad boy, which is established by his reputation. Shay is a mystery of sorts. You never really know the full background on him until the last quarter of the book. I love the banter between Calla, Shay, and Ren. You can feel a connection with most of the characters in this novel. Naomi, Calla’s mother, is overbearing and can be annoying. Ansel is a funny kid. He has a positive outlook on life no matter what the situation. I wish we could have heard about Sabine a bit more. She has a difficult life that I wanted to see more of in order to understand her better. Bryn, Calla’s BFF and second in command, has Calla’s back no matter what and without question. You will love, and may very well strongly dislike/hate, some of the characters. I was confused in the beginning as to the purpose of the wolves (Guardians), and their relationship to the Keepers. Everything starts to make sense through the progression of the story. I really appreciated the mystery instead of being told a majority of the plot in the first half of the novel. It kept me intrigued. If you want a wolf story with a little bit of a twist I highly recommend this book.