My Soul to Lose - Rachel Vincent
This is a second read for me, and I picked up on some things I didn't before. I still absolutely LOVE this series. After having a screaming panic attack of epic proportions, Kaylee finds herself in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. She's freaking out because she's been strapped to bed. She doesn't understand why she is there, or when she'll go home. She spends her time trying to convince her aunt & uncle that she isn't crazy and wants to go home. Just as she's about to leave she has another "panic attack." Lydia, the strange girl that's been staring at her, is the only one that can help. After Lydia passes out, she gets put onto a stretcher. You don't find out what happens to her, and Kaylee can't remember anything. This is definitely a unique series to read. I loved it from the minute I opened the book. Well, downloaded it. :P