Fallen in Love - Lauren Kate
Okay, this book takes you back to the plot line in Passion. You are taken back to Luce’s past in medieval times. You follow the lives of Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane, and of course Luce & Daniel. Each of these stories take place on Valentine’s Day.When I finished this book I thought to myself, “That’s it?” I liked the fact that we were able to take a peak into the lives of some of the other characters. But I was left wanting more. The story of Miles and Shelby was kind of dull, and expected. Reading Roland’s story made my heart break. That little snippet of time in Roland’s life allowed us to see why he started acting the way he does in present time. I think Arriane’s story was the most touching, and shocking, part of this novel. I felt the pain just as she would, and could never imagine having to go through what she did. I was not impressed with Luce and Daniel’s tale. It was the same thing we’ve heard before. I was happy that they were able to share at least one Valentine’s day in one of their lives together. So that was the only thing I loved about that story. There is also a preview of the final book of this series, “Rapture.” I, of course, had to read it. Now I wish I hadn’t because I definitely cannot wait until it comes out in July. Cam’s smartass comments are bounding just in the first chapter.I only give this book 3 stars because while I was bored with some of the stories, I loved being able to see other characters lives. If you’re a fan of the series, you will like this book.