Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fischer
Rusty Fischer kept me captivated with this novel. I absolutely loved it. While it’s not actually a love story, the story line is still well thought out. I loved the characters of the zombies, Dane and Chloe. They were full of dry humor, and know how to kick ass when they need to. I didn’t take it as a serious zombie book, but it was light and entertaining. Maddy came to grips with the fact that she is a zombie pretty quickly, which I thought was odd. But she gave her all in facing the zerkers that threatened to make the town of Barracuda Bay into a town of the living dead. Zerkers are kind of like bad zombies. They have only brains on their agenda and don’t function well at all unless they are obtaining their goal. I liked the prospect of good and bad zombies. The ending was great, and I think it left an opening to another possible book about what happens with Dane, Maddy, and Stamp. Overall I think you will really enjoy this book if you are looking for a light quick read.