Rival Demons (Peachville High Demons, #5) - Sarra Cannon
I loved this novel, and cannot wait for the next installment. Harper keeps her head high, and plows through like she’s always done. There is a twist at the end, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. As always, Sarra Cannon produces a great novel. The writing flows great just as in the previous novels. We meet a few new characters, and some of them you wonder where they stand as soon as you meet them. The others, are warm and accepting. There are a few moments when I wanted to knock the mess out of Jackson for behaving the way he does. But a lot of things begin to unravel, and you start understanding why things have happened. I’m trying not to say too much, so I don’t give any information away. I do highly recommend this book, as well as the other books in this series. It’s definitely unique in it’s story line. I also love that it doesn’t include a love triangle. It’s more or less a book about a girl trying to deal with her inner “demons.”