Havoc - Jeff Sampson
I liked this book a lot. It picks up where we left off in Vesper. The only difference is the story is being told between reports about surveillance tapes at Vesper Inc. Emily is finally coming to grips with her new powers while also trying to figure out her relationship with Spencer. Dalton is back at school now from being almost killed by Dr. Gunther Elliott. They have a small pack now. But there is another female wolf that they are searching for. During their search for the missing pack member they also try to figure out why they were tampered with. Each of the personalities while their “Nightiime” selves is completely different from their usual behavior. But it seems as though the Nighttime versions of themselves pick up on the emotions they try to hide and keep locked away. Emily has to make some very difficult decisions for her pack and situations concerning her best friend Megan. (Whom I still don't’ really like, for the record.) This novel answers a few questions that were asked in Vesper, but it leaves you with even more questions that you want to be answered now.