Unearthly (Unearthly Series #1) -
Clara finds out she is an angel-blood (part human, part angel). She begins having visions, which lead her to her purpose on earth. But will she be ready when the time comes? Clara has to face many choices throughout the year that could change her entire life & purpose.I absolutely loved this book. I am a fan of the Hush, Hush & Fallen series, but this was soooo much better. There is a deeper emotional connection to the characters in this book. I didn’t have to imagine what they felt as they went through different situations, I felt what they felt. It isn’t often that a book does that for me. The characters were likeable, and well written. The writing also flowed very smoothly. In some novels I read I have to go back and re-read a paragraph or sentence a couple of times to grasp what they are trying to say. Not this one. If you love the series by those like Lauren Kate & Becca Fitzpatrick, you definitely need to read this.